Pioner 8 Mini


The Pioner 8 Mini is a boat that can be used for many things: Put it on the car roof rack and be sea-ready wherever you go; use it to get to and from another boat; tow it, or let the children learn good boating habits with this sturdy boat.

The Pioner 8 Mini has a good speed with a small engine, and is easy to row. Lengthwise seats provide comfortable seating and the oars can be secured with straps during towing.

Standard Features

  • Oars
  • Drain plug


Weight(kg) 54
Width(cm) 134
Length(cm) 242
Max persons 2
Max engine power 4hp
Shaft length Short
Standard colors White marble, Red and Pink
Certifications CE-kategori D /Det Norske Veritas

Prices start from

Pioner 8 £1,200